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The Agro Network : The Largest Primary Sector Network

Let's start with a simple question:

"Which is the best place to buy or sell crops"

Well the answer is as simple as the question:

"The Agro Network"

The Agro Network is a digital platform which deals with buying crops from local needy farmers in bulk then selling it to the MNC.

What is our Mission:

We are looking forward for development of Primary Sector and betterment of Farmers in the society. Within few years "The Agro Network" will be the face that will run the place

A Brief Description of what are we:

At The Agro Network now everyone can buy or sell crops online. The Agro Network is leading supplier of wheat, Soyabean, Chickpeas(channa), Maize( makka), rice in our country. For buying crops such as wheat Soyabean chickpeas(channa), Maize(makka), rice you just have to visit our website and have to go in merchant section, where you can find the section of Wheat, Soyabean, Chickpeas(channa), Maize(makka) rice, and you can fill form, after that our executive will call you. Our delivery is available in every place of our country. You have to pay twenty eight rupees per year on Indiamart, Exporters India & trade India to just simply find the buyers but The Agro Network is free of cost. You can also check daily rates of Soyabean, Wheat, Chickpeas(channa), Maize(makka) on The Agro Network.

The work of The Agro Network is unique in its own way. We are working hard to make primary sector as most revenue generating sector of our country. Farmers are dying in our country, we can fulfil your demand by buying directly from farmers. The Agro Network provides an online platform to farmers also. A farmer can also sell Soyabean, Wheat, Maize(makka), Chikpeas(channa) rice to us. Procedure of selling on The Agro Network is also same. You have to go to our website first than you have to go to the farmer section than you will see section of Wheat, Soyabean, Chikpeas(channa), Rice, Maize(makka). Then you have to go to the section of crop you want to sell and fill the form for that.

You can contact us for selling and buying wheat, Soyabean chikpeas ( channa), Maize (makka) rice.

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